661 ideas from top universities


Sino Finnish 100 Challenge was successfully kicked off in the beginning of the year with an idea competition together with numerous workshops and events. Teams of minimum three members, one of which from either Finland or China, submitted 661 ideas about solutions to modern problems for the next 100 years in three themes: Living Together, Learning Together and Aging Together. The proposals included solutions in the fields of technology, design, new business models and social innovations. The best proposals were made by multidisciplinary teams who presented innovative ideas for solving the challenging problems.

”Finland challenged China to co-create future solutions, and succeeded outstandingly with the idea competition, with more than 30 organizations participating”, states Chief Challenger Jarmo Suominen, Professor of Service Architecture in Aalto University and Tongji University.

Regarding the quality and versatility of the proposals, it was significant that the competition attracted interest in multidisciplinary and diverse organizations and universities. The proposals came from more than thirty different organizations, including the top universities in China. This was in itself a major step towards building a Finnish-Chinese innovation network.

Selected by a prestigious Finnish-Chinese jury, the best teams were awarded for their ambitious work. The prizes for the first project of the challenge were given by Mayor of Espoo Jukka Mäkelä on Wednesday 2nd of August at the Aalto University campus.