Solutions for the next 100 years.


To create new opportunities for companies, individuals and institutions through innovative and ambitious collaboration. Enhance entrepreneurship skills in collaboration between China and Finland to usher in a new era of co-creation and high-skill economic growth.


Sino Finnish 100 Challenge is the main event of the Finland 100 anniversary program in China. It is a platform for the brightest minds to work together through A New Way of Doing: creating and designing services, finding new solutions and in building friendship and wisdom together through three phases: Idea Competition, Summer Camp and Challenge Incubation.


Suomi Finland 100 (Government of Finland) and Radical Design Week Association together with a dynamic Innovation Ecosystem consisting of several corporate, governmental, university and other partners in China, Finland and elsewhere.




Idea competition opened on February 14th 2017.

Summer Camp took place from July 31st to August 11th in Finland.


main themes

The SF100 Challenge is built on exploring three themes: Living Together, Learning Together and Ageing Together.

01. Theme Living Together will challenge you to think about new ways of sustainable living, new ideas for cleaner and more livable environments and activities

In future we will really live together. By 2050, in just a bit over 30 years more than two thirds of world’s population will live in urban centres. Population growth and urbanization are projected to add 2,5 billion people to the urban population. Both China and India will have about a billion people living in cities alone.

This dramatic change imposes great challenges, but also totally ne opportunities. Urban life and ways of life have to be reinvented. Cities should be seen as service to people. The Challenge Idea Competition invites you to propose solutions for this exciting future.

The ideas could be innovations for home, for everyday living and lifestyles, urban environments, for next mobility, working, traveling, playing and moving. Opportunities e.g. for cleantech, leisure activities, sporting facilities and innovations, helping the poor and supporting digital and physical solutions, innovative clothing, smart solutions. Innovations for home, for everyday living and lifestyles, for next mobility, working and playing. Opportunities e.g. for Clean tech and leisure activities, sporting facilities and supporting digital and physical solutions.

02. Theme Learning Together will challenge you to think about new ways of learning, new ideas for embedding learning to our everyday life. Learning enables us to make sense of the world. Learning develops our skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, ideas and feelings. Effective learning leads to change, development and the desire to learn more, but it doesn’t happen in isolation. Learning is done in the context of our lived experience of participation in the world, most of the time together.

Learning Together is a challenge of new environments for more social learning, new solutions for learning by doing together. Learning Together requires also sense of belonging to learning communities, where our participation is recognizable as competence. It benefits from sense of becoming together, sharing personal histories of becoming in the context of our communities. Innovations for learning in communities, new systemic solutions in learning, learning environments and technologies. Opportunities e.g. for new learning environments, physical, technological and digital environments within new learning paradigms

The Challenge Idea Competition invites you to propose ideas for new learning environments and solutions. Ideas could the methods for the Learning and innovation skills, communications and collaboration, creativity and innovation. Ideas could also be about new learning environments, spaces, networks and conditions, supported by new technologies of sharing our knowledge, wisdom and capabilities. Learning Together is not limited to traditional learning environments but opens up opportunities for life-long learning in new communities and in rural and urban contexts.

03. Theme Ageing Together will challenge you to think about new ways of caring, new ideas for accessible and livable neighborhoods and communities for all ages. New solutions for integrated care, innovations for healthcare, ageing in place environments, solutions and technologies. Opportunities e.g. for systemic solutions for living, housing based on service logic elderly care.

The Challenge Idea Competition invites you to propose solutions for this exciting future. For the next 100 years.

the three phases

Idea competition ran from Feb 14 to June , 2017. It’s looking for teams that solve pressing problems of our time. Develop a solution idea that identifies a difficult and pressing issue of our time in one of our three competition themes and use both Finnish and Chinese perspectives, know-how and resources to solve it.

The SF100 Summer Camp was held between July 31st and August 11th, 2017 in Helsinki capital region.

The theme is ”A New Way of Doing”. There will be several teams working on challenge tracks through learning events, fast iteration, competitions, and co-creation workshops. We are expecting at least 100 participants from China, Finland and abroad. Learning topics include e.g. Entrepreneurial Discovery, Behaviour Design, and Health&Wellbeing. Your ideas are welcome here, too. We are currently securing mentors not just from our partners but also from MIT and UC Berkeley. 

Co-creation Challenge This phase will help new ideas to grow. In the Fall we are looking for solutions that are based new ways of doing things. For incubation phase limited number of teams are selected. This will be announced after the Summer Camp.

This is the opportunity to organize thematic and company specific workshops, collaborative courses and ideas development processes with participating partners like universities. This phase will include three (3) Co-creation workshops at Fall 2017 in Shanghai, using Aalto Tongji Design Factory as a home base and incubation platform. This platform give access to participating organizations to idea development and incubation.

Results will be evaluated by independent SF100 jury to recognize brightest achievements and most impactful innovations.