The application deadline is on Augst 31st,2017.

This Fall we gather for the big impact, where teams work on world-changing concepts at the co-creation challenge phase.

Here's what will happen this Fall.


1.      Idea Breakfast

September 2017 in Beijing and Shanghai

Kick Off of the Co-Creation Challenge. Different aspects of feasibility shed light on the essential questions about the practicalities of your project. Elements of your idea identified, in order to develop various aspects for maximum impact.


2.      Impact Day

October 2017 in Beijing and Shanghai

In the Impact Day teams are put through a new set of questions to solve: what is the impact we are aiming for with our solution? Who benefits from our solution and how? Is this solution idea the right one to reach the impact?


3.      Co-Creation day

October 2017 in Beijing and Shanghai

With whom and how do we reach the impact? At CC Day we are finding right connections for further development trough SF 100 Innovation ecosystem. You will be connected to relevant mentors, experts and even investors.


4.      Pitching Night

November 2017 in Shanghai

You will get pitch sparring before the Pitch Night. Every team member’s attendance is not mandatory, but we would recommend the pitching team member to use this possibility before the Pitch Nights. Pitching Camp is two days before grand finale, where you will present your solution in Real Life.


5.      Award Night

November 2017 in Beijing

Celebration of Bright Minds with award ceremony and SF 100 party organized for all winners.