The Finnish specialist were impressed with the students of Guangdong University of Technolog

Sino Finnish Challenge had its third Co-Creation workshop in Guangdong University of Technology, in Guangzhou. Approximately 70 students partake the workshop to look into how to combine the research level of design and innovation and businesses for value creation.

The workshop was led by Innovation director of the Sino-Finnish Challenge Mr. Matti M. Hämäläinen, who is also affiliated with Aalto University Design Factory and a partner at Riihi Consulting. Mr. Peter Tapio and Jani Kalasniemi both joined in from Black & blue inc.

Peter Tapio presenting at Guangdong University of Technology

Peter Tapio presenting at Guangdong University of Technology

Combining University Ecosystems and business life for more value

The workshop’s focus was on the type of value that can be created from research results. Mr. Matti M. Hämäläinen from Radical Design Week Association and MIT gave an introduction to what University Ecosystems are, and presented directions for discovering new ways to produce value from them. Contributing to this, Mr. Peter Tapio from CERN introduced the participants to the process of Business Thinking to support attendees in their concept development. The process of it is based on identifying different types of value that can emerge during the use of a product or a service.

Mr. Jani Kalasniemi introduced attendees to build concepts and business models with the aim of to generate new business and producing economic value to the university. The focal point was to place the ecosystem of Guangdong University of Technology to the foundation of business ideas to ensure better value creation. At the end of the day, eight new models had been built by the participating teams, and they were introduced to the rest of the participants.

A Challenge for Finnish companies to reach the best of the best professionals

“Chinese students are extremely talented and their potential is immense”, recounts Mr. Matti M. Hämäläinen from Riihi Consulting ltd. and Aalto University. The challenge for 100 years old Finland and its companies is to raise interest among Chinese professionals. Mr. Hämäläinen continues: “The Finnish know-how is already quite exceptional but together with the Chinese we could take many of our activities to a whole new level!”. 

Chinese professionals can be dynamic with their career moves as they often have many chances open for them internationally, but companies based in Finland do have the advantages brought by the Finnish society. Finland is safe and clean, health care is accessible, maternity and paternity leaves are supported and schools and day care are free for children. Still, there is a challenge to enhance the employer image and reputation of Finnish companies as desirable workplaces for the Chinese.

Currently, Sino-Finnish challenge is in its part spreading the awareness of Finnish know-how and professional and academic possibilities in Finland.