The application period was closed on May 22nd 2017 (20170522) at 4 pm GMT.

The international SF100 Summer Camp took place in Finland (Aalto University campus in Espoo) from July 31st to August 11th, 2017

This is your change for a unique summer adventure in July and August 2017. SF100 Summer Camp in Helsinki is the choice to inspire your imagination and collaborate with the brightest minds from all over the world.


Meet and greet people who are inspired by entrepreneurship and a new ways of doing things. Come with open mind and create new moving ideas together with the change makers.

We will experiment hands-on new ideas, technologies, and new means for moving people.

We will use VR (virtual reality) and other modern technologies in collaboration projects with our industry partners. We are moving people for health, commuting, learning, innovation and for fun. We hope that some of the outcomes can be applied on Aalto University Campus.

SF100 Summer Camp is a meeting venue for university students and teachers who are inspired by science, business, art and design. The SF100 Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity to get to know global excellence in these fields. It is a great chance to get together with like-minded brilliant people from all around the world.

The participants of the SF100 Summer camp have an excellent opportunity to interact with the international top experts who will be visiting the camp.

In 2017, Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence. The theme of Finland’s centenary celebration year is ‘Together’, which will also be honored as the theme of the SF100 Summer Camp.



All participants will be awarded a diploma. The most innovative teams will be awarded special diplomas with precious opportunities to participate in the Co-creation Challenge program. The top participants will get an opportunity to discuss their ideas with the best international experts supporting the Camp.


when and where?

The international SF100 Summer Camp will take place in Finland (Aalto University campus in Espoo) from July 31st to August 11th, 2017


applications and acceptance

We accept applications from all university students and teachers in China, Finland or other countries. Apply here for the SF100 Summer Camp.

The application period will close on May 22nd 2017 (20170522) at 4 pm GMT.

The selection of the students and teachers will be based on the application form. There is a limited number of places available. We are expecting to have 120 to 140 participants.

The list of students and teachers selected as participants will be published on 9 June 2017.



The camp fee is 800 EUR (incl. VAT). The price includes the program for the camp. The camp participants are invited to free social programs during the camp weeks.

The price does not include international travelling to and from Finland nor the accommodation, meals, insurance or local transportation in Finland.

We require cancellation notice by 22nd June, otherwise you will be charged 50% of the fee.

The organizers cannot provide participants with any grants to cover the fees.



Sino Finnish 100 Challenge in collaboration with Aalto University, Helsinki University and with our other Partners.



Week 1: City-as-a-Service, City Scope, Sharing & Co-Creation, Value Capture, Intellectual Property

SF100 Challenge welcome

Camp introduction, knowing each other

City Scope concept, City-as-a-Service

Co-creation group work (team building) on opportunity Recognition and Moving People

Monday, July 31


Group work on City Scope

Aalto Campus and startup/company tours

Video Diary instructions (for next Monday)

Tuesday, AuG 1


Workshop on Value capture & Intellectual Property

How to grow business fast (Commercializing & Finance)

Great Welcome BBQ night

SF100 Challenge Idea Competition Grand Award Ceremony

Wednesday, Aug 2


Field trips: Companies & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem stakeholders

Virtual/Mixed Reality demos

Group work and coaching

Thursday, Aug 3


Agile Development / New Way of Doing workshop

Friday lunch

Friday, Aug 4


Co-creative Cultural program by the participants

Saturday, Aug 5


Co-creative Cultural program by the participants

Sunday, Aug 6


week 2: Behavior Design, City-as-a-Service, Co-creation workshops, Final presentations

Monday morning meeting (video diary review #1)

Behavior Design & Rapid Experimentation

Group work (Behavior design and Rapid Experimentation)

Monday, aug 7


Group workshop (Behavior design and Rapid Experimentation + video)

Fact finding browsing / company visits

tuesday, aug 8


Behavior design workshop, Finalizing Group work presentations (best ones will be presented at the BBQ).

International SF100 Co-created BBQ

Special presentations by SF100 Summer Camp groups

wednesday, aug 9


Maria 01 results expo (in Helsinki)

Group work and coaching

Group farewell party/parties

thursday, aug 10



Nokia Open Ecosystem Network visit

Video diary review #2

Diploma Ceremony, Wrap-up

Information about the SF100 Co-creation Challenge

Feedback & Farewell

friday, aug 11



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